Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

how to create a blog visitor flooded

For those of you who have a blog or a website would want to blog or web is flooded with visitors, but most of us are not so many know how to create a blog visitor flooded trying to learn some way from some blog or web which is swamped with visitors. And the result there are several ways commonly used to enhance the visitor on our blog
Perhaps of most bloggers already know, but maybe this way for beginners to try, here are some ways that I learned:
  1. Make one or two posts every day and share your post via Facebook or twitter, this way make your postings will be known many friends and followers on your facebook or twiter.  
  2.  Make a simple template for your blog or web may be, or not to your template to make visitors feel at home be surfing on your blog. 
  3. Use a domain name that matches the content of  your posts, or related to your post. It is very effective on your google traffic.
  4. Blog walking, or in other words become a tourist in other people's blogs. It's one trick that is very useful especially for by leaving a trace, then it implies that we will invite others to visit our blog.
  5. Please comment on the blog post you visit, because they will also comment on your posts, it is also very influential in your blog traffic.
  6. Reply promptly any comments on your posts, this will make your visitors wait for the next post.  Use the title of your post in the opening post

              Examples of my posting this time. how to create a blog visitor flooded the opening post I'll mention the title of the post itself

This is the usual way I use to drive traffic to the blog I hope this post can make all the references to my friend who visited my blog.

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