Jumat, 16 Maret 2001

majadijuragan.blogspot.com care program

Previously I thank you for all that has been taking the time visiting my blog. Alhhamdulillahon this chance I want to ask for help and prayers of  all who read this. 

Currently maujadijuragan.blogspot.com plans to give all the results obtained from theadsense program I have, but this charity program can not succeed without the support ofmy friend who had participated, so I say thank you very much to all who participated . and I also invite others to join petrified realizing this programI do not expect you to sendmoney to my accountI just hope my friend is pleased to set aside a little time to see myads.
Later I will report any income each  month

Once again I thank you, hopefully what we are doing this could be something useful forthose in need

thank you

Wibowo Amir S

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